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John Narum Professional

*Fall 2012 - John will be attending college at NDSU in Fargo, ND during the school year. He will be available for shows in the Fargo/Moorhead & Twin Cities areas during the school year and anywhere else during college breaks and summer.

JohnEyo is a professional yo-yo performer. He has been on The Martha Stewart and Tony Danza Shows and has been spotlighted by both WCCO and KSTP, local TV stations. He performs and competes all over the country and is the 2005 World Offstring Champion. He also designed “The Black Knight”, the Equinox and the Inspire yo-yos

John entertains audiences young and old with the yo-yo flying into incredible string tricks that seem to slip out of knots as if by magic. What seems hard to do with one yo-yo gets even harder when he pulls out the second yo-yo for some 2 handed play. When he starts with the Offstring, the jaws start dropping. He makes unbelievable catches and throws, just when you think he's going to miss it, it lands on back on his string.

His shows are very flexible, fun, and motivational and can be tailored to whatever the need is. He also has yo-yo's available to sell after his shows if wanted. His rates are reasonable and flexible as to the type and length of show. All proceeds also go to his college fund.

Click for printable pdf info flyer.

Contact me - John@johneyo.com

Types of Shows

* 3 different styles of yoyoing.
* 15 min. to 30 min. shows.
* Walk arounds
* Workshops
* Combo show & walk around or workshop.
* Yo-yos are available for sale at yo-yo shows if desired.

Ideal for

* Birthday parties
* Neighborhood parties
* Corporate Events
* Scout Meetings & Events
* Libraries & Museums
* School Shows
* Music Festivals
* Church Functions
* Summer Camps
* Graduation Celebrations
* Bar Mitzvahs

John Teaching